Vintage Felt Flowers

Written by jeremy on August 30, 2010

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, but I’d figure I would start up again for no other reason that I feel like it. So for my first one back I’m going to talk about flowers LOL. Not the typical man topic, but I do photography on the side and thought the flowers at this particular…

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iPods for wedding gifts

Written by jeremy on January 25, 2006

Found this link today that talked about having his and hers iPods filled with the proofs from the wedding and music or even video. Sounds like a great idea to offer for my photography clients at their wedding. It could be either the video iPod or the iPod nano depending on how much they want…

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Weekly Assignments on

Written by jeremy on September 28, 2005

Here are all the weekly assignments I have completed at FredMiranda’s forum site. This is mostly for archival sake than as a latest and greatest items. You can see my first Weekly Assignment to #98 called hands here: promise.jpg Weekly Assignment for #107 called “Tools” here: tools-wa107.jpg (glad I recommended the topic “tools”…

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