Vintage Felt Flowers

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, but I’d figure I would start up again for no other reason that I feel like it. So for my first one back I’m going to talk about flowers LOL. Not the typical man topic, but I do photography on the side and thought the flowers at this particular wedding where interesting enough to post a quick blog.

I follow Benfield Photography in google reader and he shot this beautiful shot of the bride and brides maid’s flowers. I had to take a closer look and yes they are felt and buttons! So off the wall and interesting I had to send them to my wife who likes to scrapbook and mess around with different types of paper and crafts.

Apparently the flowers where done by Meghan of Princess Lasertron and there are other examples of the felt and button work on her site. Very interesting indeed. I might have had to talk my wife into them if we were getting married. I’m sure I would have gotten shot down though.

Well thanks for checking in to my annual blog post 🙂 Hopefully I’ll have some more interesting things to say before the year ends.

9 thoughts on “Vintage Felt Flowers

  1. I would have SO used those. The only alternative I could find was plastic since I didn’t want real ones, but at least Matt and mine didn’t look like plastic flowers.

    This post has great timing with the fabric flowers Carla is making for the online class we are taking.

  2. Had she shot down your idea to use these flowers at your wedding, it would not have been because the idea is bad. It would have only been because the idea was from the groom. 😛

  3. These flowers are awsome! I love this cute vintage style. Felting is my hobby, well, not just felting, I practice various crafts, just like your wife does. You know, I’ve got such a huge portion of inspiration having read your post and having watched this picture! I should definitely try to create something like that. Thank you!

  4. Wedding charm like felt, feather and fabric flowers are always considered to be wedding essentials. It’s not only that its pretty, but its gorgeous and it last! It can also save money!

  5. They are stunningly well done flowers. Normally, I like real flowers, fresh cut (nothing really beats the feel, the smell, and the look of the real thing) but these… these work. I don’t know, I wouldn’t normally go for them but they have a certain softness that really complements the picture.

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