Apple Makes me Mad!

Written by jeremy on September 5, 2007

Ok well jealous with envy is more like it! They are releasing all kinds of new goodies today including the latest iPod Touch which is like an iPhone without the phone. You can even purchase songs straight off of iTunes. Crazy! I was checking things out here for updates:

Wish I had an iPhone

Written by jeremy on June 30, 2007

After looking over the unpacking of, the disassembly of, the workings of, the howto videos of and more I think I have finally gotten iPhone envy. But just like I waited for the Macbook Pro Core 2 models to come out I think I will wait for the iPhones w/ GPS, 3G, 16-30GB, and more….

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Life is good

Written by jeremy on March 24, 2007

I love my macbook pro. I’m posting form BlogMate within TextMate and it’s pretty slick. Listening to Bethany Live in iTunes and talking to Phil in Adium. Programming for Maryland Online an dall in all having a good time. Life is good.

Free iPod Bummer

Written by jeremy on February 11, 2006

Well I thought I was going to get a free ipod from, but alas you cannot sign-up multiple users under the same address. Each account has to be from different addresses and have to sign up themselves ๐Ÿ™ So I’m now back down to 2 referrals. I’m not sure if I will just quit…

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iPods for wedding gifts

Written by jeremy on January 25, 2006

Found this link today that talked about having his and hers iPods filled with the proofs from the wedding and music or even video. Sounds like a great idea to offer for my photography clients at their wedding. It could be either the video iPod or the iPod nano depending on how much they want…

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