Birthday List 2005!

Written by jeremy on February 26, 2005

Here is my list for this year. I haven’t had time to come up with anything until know so sorry for the short notice. Besides what is on the list I could always use gift certificates to B and H Photo or So with out further delay here it is: Birthday Wishlist

Best Hosting Yet

Written by jeremy on January 31, 2005

Well folks I’ve found the best online hosting for the price yet. It’s called and I use it for my business websites and my other personal site for email and websites. So head on over to to check out rates and sign up to get your own free domain name today!

Christmas 2004

Written by jeremy on November 28, 2004

Since I have gotten strict instruction to post my christmas list for 2004 I have now put it up. It is here: Christmas List 2004 It might get updated periodically from now until the 15th, but after that not much of a point. Remember to let Carla know (email or phone) if you decide to…

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