Using a “Focus test chart” and learning about AF

Written by jeremy on October 17, 2004

I have been reading about Canon’s new 20D digital camera on Fred Miranda‘s forums and how some ppl have had issues with focusing. Having read about similar problems with the Canon 10D which I just purchased not to long ago I decided to test my AF (Auto Focus) out. There was a link to an article in the forum to the “Focus Test Chart” and also a pdf to help with testing your AF. The paper gave me a great understanding about how AF works and explains why I get out of focus photos some times. It has been USER ERROR! Not the camera. Well I went through the quick process of shooting the supplied focus test chart in the pdf and had no problems with back or front focusing (see pdf for description). I have also made a link on my site in case the other site goes down because this is so helpful. Link to local copy. Try it out today on any camera that uses Auto Focus!