The Windows Idiot Tax

Written by jeremy on November 23, 2005

For those who still believe that running Windows instead of Linux is cheaper or more cost effective take a look at this link with a look at the pricing. This is a simple example of what I want my business to be all about. read more | digg story

Free $25 Webcash!

Written by jeremy on November 23, 2005 online payments With a GreenZap online payments account, you can send money to anyone. And once they open their account, they’ll find a little something from us to get them started – $25 in FREE WebCash. These guys have tons of companies already signed up so you can buy straight from them! Like Paypal,…

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Sick of all the ads on on websites?

Written by jeremy on November 9, 2005

1) Click on the Get Firefox button on the top right. 2) Then get the adblock extension at 3) Shutdown and reopen firefox 3) Download this filter list 4) Goto Tools->Adblock->Preferences menu item 5) Click on the Adblock Options button and select Import Filters… 6) Find the adblock.txt file you just downloaded and…

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