Santa Claus
The Computer Guy

Santa ClauseComputer Guy
Has the power to make children nice and sweet for short period of time. Has the power to make staff patient and courteous for even shorter periods of time.
Has an uncanny ability of knowing when you've been naughty. Likewise, denial is futile.
Has a list of "bad" children. If you're asking, you are probably on it.
May be bribed with milk and cookies. May be bribed with milk and cookies,brownies, cake, candy...
Brings toys to all the good girls and boys. Brings computers and accessories to good and bad alike (some faster, some slower).
Will bounce you on his lap and ask you what you want. Don't even think about it.
Likes landing on other peoples roofs. Not since "the incident."
Works one night a year. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

Conclusion: Both are jolly guys who can put a smile on your face or coal in your socks.

Merry Christmas
Lance Thomas