P90X: Take 3

So this is my 3rd time through P90X and I’m ashamed to say that this time around has been no better than the past two. Life gets in the way and I end up missing a week and then fizzle out. However I am determined to get back on the horse and hammer out the rest of the 60 days I have left. The hardest part is finding the time between the wife and kids to do an hour workout via DVD every day.

All that said I love P90X! It has to be the best workout program I have ever done. Click on the image to see all the reviews at amazon as that helped me in determining which program to go with.

One of the best parts of P90X is the music and Tony talking you through every step. It makes the workout fly by and you don;t have to focus as much on how bad it hurts. Just power through and X it.

I have a found a few resources to help out with making it easier to keep track of things. Here is a P90X Spreadsheet to keep track of progress which has has all the pre/post test info you can put in as well. My good friend Matt has a blog post about P90X that outlines all of the extras he bought for using the program. I ended up just purchasing basic dumbbells from Wal-mart and a yoga block (needed because I’m not flexible at all!). If you have any questions about what I use or getting started leave a comment and I’ll respond back to you. Good luck with getting in shape and not fizzling out like me 🙂

17 thoughts on “P90X: Take 3

  1. It really is an amazing workout routine. It’s just really difficult to dedicate an hour every single day for 3 months. Seems like it’s just something that will always be on the to-do list.

  2. Well, I have read a lot about it on other blogs and about to have it for my husband. I think men always have hurdles and problem doing and completing such programs but I’ll support him fully.

  3. I just recently purchased the P90X based on your recommendation. I can’t believe how effective the workouts have been. After just a week my arms and lower thighs feel and look toner

    • It is tough to have the discipline to do it yourself at home, but it is cheaper than going to the gym and you don’t feel as silly starting out.

  4. Ok P90X is anything but a walk in the park, these work outs kick your ass, seriously. The first time I did the first video, chest and back, I though I was going to die half way through. I only had to pause the video a couple of times to rest, my problem is the motivation factor. It has been months since I did a session, and I have never got past phase 1, with work, kids and old lady, it is hard to find time to kill myself for an hour a day..

  5. I saw this workout guide on amazon and checked for its reviews all over the web. As I read your article, I got more interested on this and I am now planning to purchase my copy.

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