Another day, another dollar

Some days feel like they never end. This wasn’t one of them lol but nonetheless it was a work day. Getting motivated is harder than it sounds especially when sinus’ and work you don’t want to do are upon you. I had two proposals to do and I got neither of them done. I guess there is always tomorrow.

I actually had aspirations of sitting down at Starbucks to do some work. Instead I went on autopilot and went home after lunch. Which was fine because I got some project work done, but that wasn’t my plan.

Anyway being a dad, husband, boss and a blogger seems like it is alot for anyone person. I guess if any one had to go the blogger one would be the easiest to let slide. But not this month. I tried to post yesterdays blog post, well yesterday, but it didn’t happen until after 12am. So here I’m posting one a tad bit before midnight and I’ll leave you with a video to watch of Aliza fishing with her Granddad. Watch as she runs from the fish. lol!

Just to those who are keeping track. My wife, Carla, has posted a blog entry every day in April so far! Not fair that’s my job. I’ll just have to keep her busy tomorrow and maybe I’ll beat her. hehe

Blogging is hard to do

Blogging takes time, thought, energy, and more time lol All of which it seems I have none of recently, but I’m going to try and do it this month. A post a day. Should be interesting and fun. My main frustration with this processes is focus. Each blog seems to focus in on a specific area such as gadgets, seo, gtd, video, etc and post on those specific topics only breaking from the mold for interesting yet still related topics.

My blog is all about me. So finding a niche and sticking to it would paint myself in a box of only talking about certain things. I want to talk about everything. Seems daunting, but I’m willing to try even if it means going down in a flaming fireball. So with that said I leave you with an older video that I never posted to the web.

For those who haven’t seen this yet. It’s quite hilarious…