Free iPod Bummer

Free iPod BummerWell I thought I was going to get a free ipod from, but alas you cannot sign-up multiple users under the same address. Each account has to be from different addresses and have to sign up themselves 🙁 So I’m now back down to 2 referrals. I’m not sure if I will just quit or not. It makes me mad that FreePay (Gratis) is getting referral kickback money for the ones that they put on hold. I guess that is what I get for not reading “the fine print”. Maybe if I would get another referral in the next few weeks I would try again, but I signed up over 2 years ago so I think it might just be time to call it quits.

Switchfoot not happy with CD copy protection

Apparently some people were having issues with Switchfoot’s new album “Nothing Is Sound” in iTunes and in general. It could not be copied to the computer to listen to or put on an iPod. Switchfoot member Tim Foreman made headlines by voicing his opinion and publicly apologizing to fans on the band’s Web site about the problems with the CD.

Originally found this post on a comment

Searched for switchfoot and found this article at about the CD being recalled:

Very interesting. Glad to see someone stepping up and confronting the record companies.

Leeching is bad

Due to peeps leeching my mp3s and causing my network connection to top out our networks router I have taken off my mp3 page. Maybe I will turn it back on as a member only function so you at least have to sign up before you can get mp3’s, but for now they are turned off. If you really want some mp3’s from me check out a great p2p program called giFT. You can get it from It works great in linux and supposedly there is a windows port that you can get (or compile). Email me if you have any questions. Thanks,