My Next Laptop: IBM ThinkPad X41 Tablet

I was looking over the KDE Look feed in akregator (a RSS feed tool in KDE) and opened up a splash screen that I thought looked good in Get Firefox!. I clicked on a google ad, to help support sites I like, and came upon a site called eLucis which sells linux distros on cd and dvd. I thought that site was decent so I then processed to click on another google ad that took me to the EmperorLinux, Inc. website where they are selling the IBM thinkpad X41 tablet. This laptop looks so sweeeeet! It could be used as a mobile digi-pad to work in gimp/photoshop as well as your normal tablet pc for writing notes etc. It’s thin enough that it is not a pain and EmperorLinux goes through all the pain of customizing the kernel so that all functions of the laptop work great when you get it, even the fingerprinting login system works! So with all that said. This is my next laptop. When my business starts making a little bit more in the next month or so I will be ordering this badboy. Check it out for yourself.