Christmas 2006

Better late than never, but here is my Christmas 2006 list:

    I’m hoping to get a Nintendo Wii after Christmas so I’ll need some goodies to make it great:

  • Extra Wii Remote
  • Extra Wii Nunchuck (add on to the remote)
  • Nintendo Wii 512 MB Card
  • Nintendo Wii Component Video Cables
  • Zelda: Twilight Princess Game
  • Excite Truck Game
  • I’m in need of a nice business card holder. Preferably durable metal since the plastic one I have is almost destroyed.
  • Boxers with elastic sown in (not showing but under the material) and button fly.

    Think Geek Wishlist

    That is all I can think of for now. I’ll be posting more until the 15th then I’ll stop. Thanks for looking!

  • Christmas 2004

    Since I have gotten strict instruction to post my christmas list for 2004 I have now put it up. It is here: Christmas List 2004

    It might get updated periodically from now until the 15th, but after that not much of a point. Remember to let Carla know (email or phone) if you decide to get anything so everything stays straight.

    Carla’s list, if she gives me one, will be posted upon arrival.

    Jeremy’s Birthday List

    Ok so Carla asked me to make a birthday list. You will find it inside. This list will continue to grow over the next week or so so please check back if you need more options. And as always (and very important) please contact Carla when getting a gift as to avoid returns on duplicate items 🙂

    If you don’t like anything that I have on my list please feel free to donate to me by clicking the paypal button on the left. Thanks!

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    Yes it’s coming!

    No I’m not talking about the end of the world. I’m talking about Christmas. The time where we get to travel more miles than the whole year and give more money away than we made in the past two months 🙂 Well not quite, but people keep bugging me about what I want so I have compiled a list inside. Click on more to get the started list. I will update as I find more stuff. The final date for all entries will be December 1st so if you need to check back check back around then 🙂 Thanks. Jeremy

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