Christmas 2002 Lists for Jeremy and Carla!

Well yes it is that time of year again and we have been asked to give Christmas lists. So just click on the link below and you will find goodies galore.

Jeremy’s Ongoing Wishlist

Basically I’ve been keeping this list for about a year now. Putting things on as I have thought of them and taking things off as I purchased or grown out of them. So some things will be out of Christmas price range, but some things are reasonably priced and some things you can snag off Ebay for real cheap (like using

Please contact Carla at before considering getting something. She might want to get it for me. Thanks.

Now in no particular order:

MiniDisc Player – The blue one from Sony (or better) for sound recording. These are great for recording sound when taking video. You can then splice the good sound quality to the video and make great sound for videos. Headphones and a microphone are needed for the minidisc to record. I have a pair of headphones but they are walmart cheapies $20. Not bad, but not great quality.
Stereo Headphones – Sony preferebly, but any decent quality headphones will do.
Stereo Microphone – Sony ECM-DS709 (goes for about $74.99 in Musicians Friend)

Computer Desk Chair – Ours is falling apart literally. One with arms, that can tilt and go up and down would be nice. Material doesn’t matter. Don’t need leather or anything.

MaximumPC Subscription – Last year Carla was nice enough to get me a Modern Drummer magazine subscription and it’s running out. So
since I only want to receive one magazine subscription at a time. I’ve decided to switch to MaximumPC.

Perl Eliminator H2000 HiHat Stand – Goes for a bout $159.99 from Musicians Friend. Probably cheaper somewhere else like Ebay.

Compact Flash Card – Well I just bought a digital camera and you can’t have a digital camera without anything to store the pictures on. The Nikon Coolpix 5700 comes with a 16mb starter card, but that only holds a few pictures at max resolution. I’ll need to get a juicy 256MB, 512MB, or 1GB card to satisfy the hungry cravings of this camera. Again most places like CurcuitCity have these, but they are overpriced. Check out a place like or a favorite price comparison website to find a good deal. The bigger the better 😉 Also is any sibling or parental unit of mine has a card they want to get rid off send em my way!

Subwoofer Amp for Car Stereo – this is a pricey one, but you never know. I have two subwoofers in the back of my car soaking up everything my little amp has to offer. It is still hungry and needs a good 2-channel amp (200 watt per channel) preferrably from Kicker which is the make of the speakers. Consult me for more info. I wish 😛

ThinkGeek Wishlist – We got lotso goodies from on my wishlist over there. From books to candie to shirts you got it all. Check it out here

Carla’s Christmas 2002 Wishlist

If you have questions on anything please email me. Thanks.

Trifle Bowl: For making Mom’s famous and great trifle.

Scrapbook Stuff: Basically anything related to Scrap booking. She has a
few things already so ask her at or me at to make sure she doesn’t have something. Some specifics are below.

Personal Trimmer – Preferably from Creative Memories, but any good 12″ scrapbook cutter will do.

Clothes: Feeling brave? To buy clothes for anyone you must be brave and of course include a gift receipt 🙂

Boots – size 7.5. She picked out black ones in Chadwick’s she really liked and so did I. $36 dollars at or 1-800-525-6650 The item number is 2135-40248-197 (black size 7.5). Brand is Unlisted, description is faux-leather stretch boots.

Books: Basically anything by Catherine Palmer she has been into recently and a Harry Kraus book she wants called “Stainless Steel Hearts”.

Bath and Body: Any kind of body wash that smells good, but please no lotion. She has enough from last Christmas to last her until she gets old.

Candles: Anything that’s wax and has a wick 🙂 We use candles constantly and all the time even.

Piano Stuff: I got her a nice Casio electric piano for her birthday, but we have no accessories.
Piano Stand – $15.99 at Musician’s Friend for a locking stand.
Piano Seat/Bench – $29.99 at Musician’s Friend for standard bench.
Sustain Pedal – $29.99 at Musician’s Friend for a real piano like sustain pedal.

Again if you have any questions about my gift contact Carla and for Carla’s gifts contact me. If you have no clue how to find a particular item email me and I will email you with a list of sites or companies that have the items available at good prices. Thanks alot and happy shopping.