Online Banking Setup for GnuCash 2.2.6 under Windows XP

Written by jeremy on September 19, 2008


Since my linux raid decided to futz up (read I screwed it up) I’ve been using my Windows partition out of necessity until I have the time to rebuild my software raid 5 and gentoo. Until then we’ve been using GnuCash under Windows which has worked ok, but it is not as nice as the linux version by far. We use GnuCash for our business and it is critical that we have all the functions working in it. One of the things that I really missed was online banking. I could pull in all the transactions and clear them under GnuCash as well as making reconciling alot easier. The reason that GnuCash could not connect to my online bank was that the version of libofx it was saying it was an older version of Quicken and thus was denied from my bank. I read some more online and …

found that you could compile libofx with a new APPVER or binary replace the version in the library file. So I took the easy way out and replaced the string in the .dll file. Here is how I did it:

  • Downloaded xvi32 hex editor (free)
  • Opened “C:\Program Files\gnucash\bin\libofx-3.dll” under XVi32
  • Searched for 1200 as a text string
  • Found the string that says APPVER right after it and clicked on the 2 of 1200 and hit 5 to make it 1500
  • Saved the file, started up GnuCash and voila!

In all this I am assuming you already know how to setup GnuCash for Online Banking. If not you can check it out on their ofx setup page. That is it for now. Hope you find this useful as I’m sure I’ll have to come back to this at some point in time in the future!

And remember if you use GnuCash for tracking your expenses and income make sure you have a backup off-site. I recommend Mozy for windows and Mac, but any way you do it you’ll be thankful you did.


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