open source “free” software racing

My friend Steve has bought a car, trailer/bus, and has gotten a crew together to compete in racing events. The car will be sporting tux the penguin (linux mascot) and other open source “free” software logos. He recently contacted Richard Stallman of FSF fame to request using an FSF logo on the car. Here is his response in typical Stallman fair:

Subject: Re: request for FSF usage- originally submitted to Dave Turner
From: “Richard M. Stallman”
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 20:59:36 -0400
To: steve elzey

>I am not requesting sponsorship. The goal is to promote open source
>and electronic freedom ideologies.

I should point out that we are not in favor of open source. That is
the label of a different group that disagrees with our basic
philosophical values.

for more explanation.)

That is a side issue as regards your specific request, but I feel
obliged to correct the misunderstanding rather than let it pass.

Dave suggested I email you.
I would like to aslo use the FSF logo and website address.

Do you mean, just put them on the car? Sure.
I am not sure precusely what is the “FSF Logo”.
Do you mean a gnu drawing?

Check out Steve’s racing site. Soon there will be t-shirts, hats and more.