cellphone quality

I’m sitting here at a clients (Newark, DE) and the employee sitting next to me is struggling to hear the person on the other end because that person is on a cellphone in an airport. Does the Verizon ad “Can you hear me now?” annoy you as well? Technology continues to advance in every area of our lives but with telephone and cellphone quality we settle for less than perfect. Telephone quality was never meant to be good as it was always meant to just transmit voice signals, but with cellphones we were promised digital connections and great quality. Personally I have yet to receive that level of greatness. I’ve used Verizon, Sprint, Nextel, and I am now with Cingular. All of these providers have there shortfalls, I’ve experienced crappy reception, crappy quality, dropped calls, increasing hidden pricing and more. When will we get more than adequate reception even in the most remote places? When will we be able to travel in our cars across state lines and not loose connection? When will we be able to have great quality and not have to pay out the rear for it? I’m not sure this day will ever come, but for the necessary evil of cellphones I’m less than impressed.