Flash fixed and camera back!

Written by jeremy on March 11, 2003

Well I finally got my camera back from Nikon even if it was way longer than they said it should be. It works great and seems more responsive. And better yet the flash works again. Yeah! So I have been able to take some pictures which will be up on my pix page soon.

Ring for Sale

Written by jeremy on March 10, 2003

Well my boy Matt is selling a ring from a past fling. So head on over to ebay to check it out: Lady’s Platinum Diamond Semi-mount Ring It’s a steal of a deal! There is a story behind this ring with Carla and I, but you will have to ask me if you want to…

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War on Iraq or just boys with toys?

Written by jeremy on March 3, 2003

Here is a quote from cnn.com: “They’ll use this whole thing as a big training ground,” Bamford said. “They’ll experiment with everything they’ve been thinking about for a long time.” (http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/ptech/03/03/sprj.irq.info.war.ap/index.html) So are we going to war with Iraq to stop them from being a threat to society or are we going because we have…

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New pix

Written by jeremy on January 7, 2003

New pictures in the pix section under Nikon Coolpix 5700. There are pictures of Earl’s birthday party and the LAN party Brian and I went to with some of his high school buddies. Happy browsing!

What makes IE so fast?

Written by jeremy on January 6, 2003

Here is a doc that explains why IE is so fast. Basicaly alot of dirty tricks involved. This read is not for the technically inept, but you might get something out of it anyway. You can check it out here: http://footon.jheslop.com/ie_fast-slash.html Happy reading.