I heard our babies heartbeat for the first time yesterday. It was beating very fast! The doctor said that is normal, but she ended up talking through the whole time the nurse had the device on Carla’s stomach. It made it less than climatical but it went well nonetheless. Only 4 weeks or so until we get to see the baby again and possibly find out if it’s a boy or girl. Stay tuned.


It’s official. We have bagworms and they are wrecking havoc on our trees out front near the road and out back on the border of our property. They are aparently very hard to kill little buggers and require manually removing the bags off of the trees to get rid of them for good. I was able to find some great resources about how to get rid alot of tree killing pests at the Gardens Alive website. They had a link to the University of Delaware that was very informative. It talked about the life cycle and when they feed.

We are going to try and get rif of them next June when they feed as we have missed most of the feeding time already. There is a natural bacteria that you can use on these nuggers called Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) that basically stops the worms stomach and is not harmful to anything else. We are going to buy some soon so we can spray with a power washer next spring and summer.