Free $25 Webcash!

Written by jeremy on November 23, 2005 online payments With a GreenZap online payments account, you can send money to anyone. And once they open their account, they’ll find a little something from us to get them started – $25 in FREE WebCash. These guys have tons of companies already signed up so you can buy straight from them! Like Paypal,…

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VueScan 8.3.05

Written by jeremy on October 27, 2005

All I can say is wow. The latest VueScan takes advantage of GTK2 on linux and is an awesome app (also runs on Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX). It makes scanning as easy or advanced as you would like and helps turn old pictures and faded shots into photos like they had just been printed….

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Written by jeremy on September 30, 2005

Bookmarklets are the greatest! They allow you to do interesting things just be clicking on a bookmark you have in your toolbar or bookmark menu. Here is a description from Stephen Ostermiller page of bookmarklets: Bookmarklets are useful pieces of JavaScript code that you can save in your browser’s bookmarks. When you then click this…

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cellphone quality

Written by jeremy on September 26, 2005

I’m sitting here at a clients (Newark, DE) and the employee sitting next to me is struggling to hear the person on the other end because that person is on a cellphone in an airport. Does the Verizon ad “Can you hear me now?” annoy you as well? Technology continues to advance in every area…

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