Word of the Day: Gaunt

So Mike and I were in starbucks this morning sipping on Zen tea when out of now where comes this chick who had a tatto of a she-devil on her leg. I pointed it out to Mike who quickly mentioned that she had one on both legs! They were the same pattern. Boring! Well she was very gaunt looking in my opinion and needed to eat a cookie or two with her starbucks coffee. If I was to get a tattoo I would get one like the one on the left, but I would never get one so no worries.

More HPL memories in honor of the batcave burning down

Yes it was a sad day to see my old office burnt to a crisp. The Eric Bennett memorial futon will now only be a memory of the likes of Randy, Cone, Jeremy Heslop, Matt Brenneman and for a very short while Larry Lentner. So in honor of the fun times we had while I was there I uploaded a bunch of videos Randy, Patrick and I took. Enjoy,

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Phone + Toilet = Bad News

Motorola RAZR v3Well if you haven’t heard already I tanked my old Nokia phone in the toilet last week. It didn’t rattle or roll or bounce. It tanked straight into the down spout. While the toilet was flushing no less. I thought it was a goner. Luckily it back-washed and I was able to retrieve it. No it didn’t work (only lit up the backlight) and yes I was able to retrieve the contacts (with my nokia serial data cable and gnokii). So I decided to get a decent phone this time around (with phone insurance just in case). I decided on the Motorola RAZR V3 after looking at all the other options Cingular had at the store and online. It’s a pretty sweet phone with alot of goodies: camera, mp3 ringtones, bluetooth, usb port, etc.

I’m also trying out a new wordpress plugin called wp-mms which will allow me to text message photos. I’ll be posting under the moblog category so you’ll see interesting pictures and the like popping up from time to time.