When is Daylight Savings? and 10 Things To Do With that Extra Hour

Chris Harrison twittered about a site called When is Daylight Savings? I thought I would pass along the info since we all forget at some time about when the new daylight savings time is. (In case you don’t want to go the site it is this Sun Nov. 2nd, 2008 at 3am in the morning you set your clock back to 2am). Fall back spring forward is an easy way to remember how to set the clock.

Just for fun here a few things to do with your extra hour this year or just because:

  1. Check the batteries in your smoke detectors or replace them
  2. Read about daylight savings Seize the Daylight: The Curious and Contentious Story of Daylight Saving Time or Daylight saving time – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3. Replace a regular light bulb with a new CFL light bulb
  4. Make special time with that special someone
  5. Maybe backup your computer data with mozy or jungle disk
  6. Suggest something for me to write about (in the sidebar or here)
  7. Catch up on google reader, unread blog list or a good book (reading is good for the brain!)
  8. Put the summer clothes away and pull out that winter jacket. It’s cold out there! (currently 39 degrees here)
  9. Learn about GTD and get the book
  10. Prepare a Christmas wishlist so your family will have something to get you

And finally have a good nights sleep!

11 thoughts on “When is Daylight Savings? and 10 Things To Do With that Extra Hour

  1. So I confess that I always ask Jeremy where he got his post….as if he didn’t write it himself! I’m impressed with such thoughtful writing. (See my blog for details of how un-intellectual I am.) So use one his Daylight Savings ideas and tell him how great it was!!!

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  3. I love daylight savings, specially when we Spring forward because then it stays lighter longer and I know that summer will be here sooner. When we fall back it is nice because then you know the holidays are coming agian.

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