Why twitter beats facebook

Written by jeremy on April 15, 2008

FTW!! So you might be asking yourself why twitter would even be compared to facebook? Facebook has so many apps, is a mega social networking site. You can post pictures, videos, notes, statuses and more. But who gets to see them and how easy is it to see the info you posted? So twitter beats facebook for one reason and one reason only….
you can easily see all past posts.

Yes you can go and click See All to see someones mini-feed on facebook but how many times do you actually look back past 10 entries? I know I never do. So to keep up with what is going on on the net and keeping tabs on the people you like use twitter. Everyone else can use that other website.

On a unrelated note, I am so glad I finally got Mozy running on my laptop again! It feels so good to get things backed up and safe online. Get your free 2.25GB today (extra .25GB for using my link)