Twitter Updates for 2008-04-10

Written by jeremy on April 10, 2008
  • Ugh I’ve been selected for Jury Duty #
  • Waking up at 3am is hard to do. Waking up to feed a crying 6 week old is even harder #
  • @wildheart4vr Flock and Firefox both use the same engine. Read for more info. CC: @Ed_Dale #
  • When blasting times on twitter it would be helpful to state timezones (yes that means you @kevinrose some know you are on PST but not all) #
  • @kevinrose Also would be helpful to post a link 🙂 #
  • Why is it so hard to click on a bouncing app in the dock on OSX? I should be able to click anywhere near it not just on it! #
  • Anyone else having issues with twhirl not opening up firefox or safari? #
  • @hotdogsladies When do the chew toys go up for sale on your site? Also where are the anti-video people. Would like to see the fun. #
  • @Ihnatko I agree that lens rox. Here is one in the studio It is my favorite portrait lens #
  • going to get Mexicano (Plaza) w00t! #
  • thanks @guykawasaki for filling my twitter with naked people #
  • and don’t say naked in your post or you get followers who post sex tip videos #

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