Another day, another dollar

Some days feel like they never end. This wasn’t one of them lol but nonetheless it was a work day. Getting motivated is harder than it sounds especially when sinus’ and work you don’t want to do are upon you. I had two proposals to do and I got neither of them done. I guess there is always tomorrow.

I actually had aspirations of sitting down at Starbucks to do some work. Instead I went on autopilot and went home after lunch. Which was fine because I got some project work done, but that wasn’t my plan.

Anyway being a dad, husband, boss and a blogger seems like it is alot for anyone person. I guess if any one had to go the blogger one would be the easiest to let slide. But not this month. I tried to post yesterdays blog post, well yesterday, but it didn’t happen until after 12am. So here I’m posting one a tad bit before midnight and I’ll leave you with a video to watch of Aliza fishing with her Granddad. Watch as she runs from the fish. lol!

Just to those who are keeping track. My wife, Carla, has posted a blog entry every day in April so far! Not fair that’s my job. I’ll just have to keep her busy tomorrow and maybe I’ll beat her. hehe