Setting up Azureus and SafePeer in Linux

azureus_splash.png So there are tons of utilities to keep the SafePeer plugin up-to-date in Windows (like BlueTack’s Blocklist Manager), but Linux and the Mac have been left out in the cold. We’ll I found a way to get those 190k+ ips blocked in azureus without having to use Peerguardian or MoBlock (MoBlock is still safer in my mind) in Linux. First we need to download the lists like we would for MoBlock. Here is the script I use:


mkdir -p backup
mv *.txt backup/
rm *.7z


for list in `ls *.7z`; do
7z -y x $list

cat *.txt > all.txt

This moves the old lists into a backup folder, removes the old downloaded files, re-downloads the lists (you can add or remove the lists you want that MoBlock can read), extracts then and then concats them all together to make a master all list. Then you need to setup Azureus’s SafePeer settings to find this new list.

Under SafePeer settings:
– Uncheck Enable asynchronous loading
– Uncheck Enable periodic update

Under Blocklist settings:
– Clear out the Blocklist URL
– Browser for the all.txt file to add as your Cache file

That is it. You should see the IPs number at the bottom of azureus be 197,000+ ips. If not make sure you selected the correct location of the all.txt file. Good Luck and happy downloading.