List of Sony CD’s with root-kit

A list, albeit not a complete list, of CD’s with the root-kit from Sony and BMG.

For those of you who do not know what a rootkit is it is a technology used by hackers to hide code from the operating system. So basically what Sony has done here is hidden it’s copy protection software so you cannot remove it.

Click on the link below and check to see if you have any of the CDs on the list. I was suprised to see bands such as Switchfoot on the list, but they have no control over what Sony does. They were actually telling their fans how to get around the copy protection. If you do have one of these CDs and you remember a poppup window asking to install software when you put the CD in the drive AND YOU CLICKED YES then you probably have this evil software installed. Noticing any blue-screen problems lately or issues with your CD or DVD drive? This program could be the culprit.

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