Written by jeremy on September 23, 2005
Everyone seems to be getting into podcasting more and more. I just watched a video about how to create a podcast over at the systm.org website. They had alot of information in there latest video 0004 called podcasting. I really liked the idea of a backup recorder like the marantz PMD670 Professional Solid State Portable Recorder. It has alot of nice features and would be a great portable recording device. They also interviewed Leo Laporte who hosts the TWiT podcast. He has a nice setup with a Mackie mixer. I saw one one Musician’s Friend that looked affordable called the Mackie Onyx 1220 12-Channel Mixer. This mixer is really nice and even allows you to buy the *cough* $400 dollar fireware add-on card to allow a direct connection to your computer and record each track seperately into a audio program. The best part of the podcast was their recommendation of the program called Audacity. I’ve used this program before and it is a really nice audio editing program. I was able to split up a long mp3 file using labels into much smaller managable “chapters” to then put on CDs to listen in the car.

So I’m trying to figure out what I would like to podcast. If you got any ideas send them over to me or leave me a comment. Also if you would like to donate to help get me one of those portable recorders click on the donate link on the bottom right. Thanks!