Tired of popups and spyware?

I know everyone I talk to that uses windows for more than 1 week is tired of popups. Those annoying little buggers get into IE and annoy you to the end. Well now you have some help: Spybot-S&D. Spybot searches for over 12,000 spyware programs, popups and any other malware that has infested your windows pc. It can even immunize you from allowing those same greedy little programs from burrowing their way back into your browser. Here is the place to go get spybot: Spybot-S&D – http://www.safer-networking.org/ If you like this program which is free please donate to the author so he can continue to develop the great piece of software. I donated $5 just today!

To see what steps I use when setting up Spybot click on read more…

(note) Having anti-virus software and anti-spyware are an essential part of using windows operating systems. Click on read more to get more info.

Spybot-S&D installation and setup procedures:

1) Download Spybot
2) Double-click (or open) on spybot download and install program with default options (I usually don’t install the language pack because the enlgish version is the default)
3) Double-click (or open) the spybot (Easy mode) program from the desktop or the program files menu.
4) Click on the English flag if given the option.
5) Read any messages and click on OK (click on the check box to disable warnings)
6) Go to the Online section and/or Updates section
7) Update the program by making sure all check boxes in the update screen are checked and click on Download Updates button.
8) Program will restart and click on check computer button at bottom of screen.
9) After it has checked and cleared your system make sure to click on fix selected problems to clean them off.
10) Click on Immunize section and click on Immunize button to keep the baddies out.

You should now be free of spyware/malware and poppups. If not then you might want to try another browser that is better (IMHO) and faster than IE called Firefox. You can get it here: Mozilla FireFox – http://www.mozilla.org

If you are still having problems then you might have a virus. Check out a free and very good virus scanner here: AVG Virus Scanner – http://www.grisoft.com. The paid version has alot more features, but the free version works great for at home use.

If you still have problems with popus then get rid of them once and for all. Use linux šŸ™‚ I do.