What would you do with $100K Check ?

What would you do with $100K Check ? Here are my answers.

10 questions

1. Would you spend 10k on tithe, or whatever religion you believe, or charity

Yes, to our church.

2. What would be luxury the splurge and how much and what do you buy ?

Probably a new(er) car since mine has over 270k miles.

3. If you had to choose between investing in stocks or real Estate what would it
be ?

Real Estate

4. Would you buy a new home ?

No, but maybe extend our current home.

5. Would you take a vacation and where ?

Someplace warm with nice beaches, ie Hawaii, Cancun, Bahamas, etc

6. Would it Change the way you carry yourself ?

No because $100k really isn’t that much. Give me a 10 million dollar check and we’ll see 😛

7. Would you pursue any new hobbies ?

Not really.

8. Do believe money would change you ?


9. Would you Start a business ?

Already have one or two of those. I guess another wouldn’t hurt.

10. Would you help any family out ?

Depends on the situation and if I would be enabling them in a harmful way or in a responsible way.