Bookmarklets are the greatest! They allow you to do interesting things just be clicking on a bookmark you have in your toolbar or bookmark menu. Here is a description from Stephen Ostermiller page of bookmarklets:

Bookmarklets are useful pieces of JavaScript code that you can save in your browser’s bookmarks. When you then click this bookmark it will run the code against the current page rather than the usual “go to the bookmarked page” behavior of bookmarks.

Here is one I made up to use the Coral Cache for the page you are on CoralThis! I also found another one on Stephen’s PageCoral Cache that is probably better 🙂 but I tried. Should have google’d “coral bookmark” in the firstplace. Oh well. He also has one for google cache as well that I will end up using.

Just drag any of those bookmarklets onto your bookmark toolbar or right click and bookmark the link to start using them. Also check out Stephen’s site or google for bookmarklets to find more.