Some people think that faith and reason are incompatible.

Written by jeremy on January 26, 2004

Enclosed is today’s empowering quote from Dorsey Marshall. The thought he gave today hit right on with some of the struggles I’ve had within myself and my friends. Read on….

“Tough times never last but tough people do”
~ Robert Schuller
Monday 01/26/2004
Some people think that faith and reason are incompatible. They believe that
you have to check your intellect at the church door, but they’re wrong. The
truth of God’s Word will stand up to the most rigorous scrutiny. You don’t
have to lay aside your questions to begin a relationship with God. In fact,
He extends us an open invitation to explore His truth and His ways. In
Isaiah 1:18 He says, “Come now, and let us ‘reason’ together.” As the
author C.S. Lewis once wrote: “Anyone who endeavors to be a Christian will
soon find his intelligence being sharpened.” Have you fallen for the myth
that faith in God isn’t reasonable? Believing for the impossible or
“unreasonable” is the most exciting a d reasonable adventure you could
encounter! Dorsey Marshall here and that’s The Success Minute!
I may never see you, hear you, meet you, or know you. However… I pray for
you each day.
Humbly in Christ’s love and grace,
I call YOU blessed!
Pastor Dorsey

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